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Your Dream House in Mianwali

Mianwali is a remarkable city in Pakistan and lies in one of the historical districts of Punjab Province. The region’s people relied on agriculture and livestock throughout history. The area has abundant water resources as the Indus River passes through it. However, today the region is on track for development and modernization. Some examples include improving the education system, better road networks, and the rapid growth of housing societies such as the Aghaaz Housing Project (Tehsil Piplan) Mianwali.

Options to Access Mianwali

A few years back, it wasn’t easy to reach Mianwali as the roads approaching the city were single. It could take up to 5 hours to get to the city Rwp/Isl. Fortunately, due to the construction of the Islamabad-Dera Ismail Khan Motorway, the travel time is drastically reduced, and the route is very comfortable. Another viable option is the railways, and you can access Mianwali city from all the major railway stations of Punjab.

Tourism in District Mianwali

There are a variety of Tourist hotspots in the region, such as the Kalabagh, Chashma Lake, Namal Lake, and the Indus River. You can spend leisure time exploring the culture, fishing, or boating. The people of the Mianwali District are also very hospitable.

The region is not famous as of now in terms of tourism. However, the tourism industry will also flourish as connectivity improves, bringing passive income opportunities.

Educational Institutes

There are several top-class educational institutes in Mianwali for every level. Some Primary and secondary level institutes are the City School Mianwali, Police Public School, Pakistan Airforce College, and Cadet College Esa Khel. However, the higher-level institutes include Namal University and the University of Mianwali.

The presence of these institutes will ensure that the youth of Mianwali gets a top-class education with all the facilities that are provided by the colleges and universities in the large cities. Aghaaz Housing Society has also introduced an International Level School currently under construction. Once constructed, it will benefit locals significantly.

Your Home in Mianwali | Aghaaz Housing Project

You may know how much Mianwali has changed in the past few years. It has all the modern facilities and is the perfect place to live a modern and healthy life.

With the development of the Aghaaz Housing Society in Piplan Mianwali, there is another excellent opportunity for people to invest in one of the best housing projects. Azam Qamar Developers aim to revolutionize the local living standards and provide all the necessary amenities to the people of District Mianwali. These amenities include but are not limited to state-of-the-art hospitals, schools, mosques, parks, and commercial centers.

Another good thing about the Aghaaz Housing Project is that it will bring countless business and commercial opportunities to the District of Mianwali. There will be many job opportunities for the locals of District Mianwali after the completion of the project.

In conclusion, we suggest that this is the best time for you to invest in this project and build your dream home in the district of Mianwali.

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